Hand-held computer solutions

Qubos supply hand-held computer solutions based on our large-screen QuPort device. We develop and customise solutions in all areas including Parking Enforcement, Revenue Collection, Stock Control and Veterinarian Applications Watch this space for our upcoming Android platform and applications.

Back-office integration of mobile data

Qubos can integrate seamlessly between mobile data collection and existing backoffice systems or can develop bespoke backoffice systems where needed.

Precision CNC component prototype and manufacture

Qubos supply precision CNC'd parts in Aluminium, Plastic, Nylon or other materials for either prototyping or production purposes We are currently a successful supplier to, amongst others, the aerospace industry with all of the quality and precision that that industry demands.

3D modelling and design

In conjunction with our CNC sourcing we also provide full 3D modelling and design services.

PCB prototyping and supply

Qubos can supply high-quality high density multi-layer PCB's in low or high volume on 5, 10 or 15 day turnaround for prototype or production purposes. We can also supply high-quantity PCB's at lower cost/longer leadtimes.

PCB layout services

In conjunction with our PCB supply we also offer comprehensive and high quality PCB layout services.

Low volume PCBA supply

Qubos can supply fully assembled and ready-to-sell PCB assemblies out of our high-quality factories in China. We specialise in the low to medium volumes filling a niche that can leave companies caught between high volumes and premium pricing.